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Extended deadline: The newsroom on election night

Before we begin the convoluted onslaught of election coverage, one thing needs to be made clear: Unless the results are clearly available before our new and improved one-time-only 2 AM deadline, The University Star will not be covering the presidential election. We pride ourselves on knowing our place and our place is San Marcos. If we have nothing to say on an issue that’s unique to us, and in this case we don’t, we’d rather not say anything. Besides, you know you wouldn’t check us about that first anyway. You probably have Politico open in another tab right now.

But we will be covering - profusely - the San Marcos mayoral and city council elections, as well as US congressional and the rest of the contests going down tonight. Our news staff is watch-party hopping across San Marcos right this minute and the office TV, usually reserved for football, is displaying Hays County’s public access PowerPoints of the results. Updates will be tweeted out as they come in (@UniversityStar) and David, our resident backstage computer hero, has put together a new dominant space for the website which will display bite-sized pie charts of the situation.

  • Austin’s cigarette count: 1 (for now)
  • Carb-laden power dinner of choice: Fazoli’s
  • Server crashes: 1

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The Hunger Games comes out in 31 minutes. Four of the editors are here to see it. It’s not a news story, we just like the Hunger Games.

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William Rountree, exercise and sports science sophomore, sent in this spring break photo, originally titled yup.jpg. We’re not entirely sure who these people are or what they’re doing or where they’re doing it, but it’s good to see Texas State has some representation up there with A&M, Louisville, and… Army?

William Rountree, exercise and sports science sophomore, sent in this spring break photo, originally titled yup.jpg. We’re not entirely sure who these people are or what they’re doing or where they’re doing it, but it’s good to see Texas State has some representation up there with A&M, Louisville, and… Army?

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2011’s Greatest Hits

Though we know 2012 will be exciting, we’d like to lay 2011 to rest with a recap of its biggest and most read news, as reported by Google Analytics. For all those who are first starting at Texas State or were here and just not paying attention, here’s a timeline of the past year:


- Dennis Franchione is found out via Twitter to be Texas State’s new head football coach

- Campus Radio, Aaron James Sorensen’s San Marcos-centered film, debuts at the Starplex movie theater


- The Former Majority Association for Equality causes a ruckus with its new Caucasian male scholarship


- Texas State students vandalize Felix Gonzales-Torres’ “Untitled (Placebo)” on display in the Mitte Art Gallery

- The University Star takes home 13 Society of Professional Journalists awards, the most in our history


- AJ DeGarmo and Tiffany Roemer are elected as the new executive branch of ASG

- The Ying Yang Twins headline Riverfest 2011 at Sewell Park


- The Texas Senate passes legislation allowing concealed carry on college campuses

- University President Denise Trauth announces all tobacco use will be officially banned on campus by August


- UPD and the TABC press charges against a Texas State student involved in the death of an RA on campus


- An Iraq veteran barricades himself in his Post Road Place apartment before committing suicide


- ASG Senator Adam French’s crusade for free refills in Jones is abruptly shot down by the Board of Regents

- The University Star website launches an all-new widescreen design


- UPD statistics show the latest round of freshmen to be the hardest-partying one yet

- An angry construction worker with a knife lights up the campus alert service

- Opinions columnist Shaun Bryan sets off a flame war of previously unprecedented proportions with his "Keeping Frattitude In Check" article


- Twenty Texas State students are arrested for hazing after an incident with Sigma Nu pledges


- “The Lying Game” shoots a few scenes at Old Main

- Whitney Miller, communication studies senior, is named Miss Texas United States 2012


- Production wraps up in preparation for finals and the new year

2012’s first regular issue of The University Star comes out today, January 18th. Grab it, read it, enjoy it. There’s plenty more to come.

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2011’s last production night: some highlights

Even as I type this at midnight, the Star’s production team is hard at work cranking out the 12-page final issue of the Fall 2011 semester, which will hit shelves Thursday morning. So far it’s gone considerably smoother than it could have.

Though the rest of the editorial board will be back for more come January, tonight is the last night for current managing editor Rikki Saldivar and copy chief Josh Kahanek. They’re both amazing and good-looking people whom we will miss dearly.

Fittingly, tonight has managed to be a particularly eventful production night. Most notably:


- The puppy situation has not in any way improved. If anything Abbey has claimed even more territory, having conquered the media room and declared my shoelaces a hostile target.

- I had to pause work for an hour to rescue our new social media girl Kaitlin Clark, who was left stranded after a misunderstanding with a tow truck company.

Josh gets his panda on

- Josh commemorated his last production night like a boss, with three to-go boxes of Panda Express courtesy of Jones Dining Hall.

- The other Josh finished round 2 of Bobcat Banter, the new sports podcast. You can catch all ten minutes of it on the Star site’s front page.

Unless something goes horribly wrong, there will be a substantial end-of-year issue tomorrow morning. Read it! And enjoy it, because there won’t be another one until January.


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We’d like to briefly interrupt Hollie’s Fun Fun Fun Fest coverage to show some love for the University Star multimedia department, who are now rocking three more EMMY awards than they were a couple days ago.

The Lone Star Emmy awards were announced this weekend, and the Star took one home for every category they were nominated in. Sizable high-fives are in order for Tina Phan (former multimedia editor), Andrew Goodwin (current multimedia editor), and Parker Curtis (staff videographer). The winning entries can be found on the Star’s YouTube channel.

Student Production: Arts and Entertainment - Cultural Affairs

Student Production: Sports

Thanks for reading (and watching!) the University Star. Now back to Fun Fun Fun Fest.

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A true story about zombies

Austin, Josh, Mark, and Lee went on a zombie hunt tonight on campus. Austin and Mark were putting a story together; Lee and Josh just wanted to see zombies.

It has been popularized that zombies are slow to move, have little if any sense of stealth, and are immediately obvious from a distance. These are lies. Most of the hunt was spent not running in fear or heroically beating back hordes of the damned, but milling around the quad asking passersby if they knew where the zombies were at.

In their travels, they encountered:

- an altercation between the living and the undead behind Jones food court, resulting in a casualty and two close calls

- Michael Schooley, who loves everyone universally be they alive or from beyond the grave

- a headbanded zombie with a Chick-fil-A bag, presumably full of brains

- a police officer acting surprisingly normal, considering the apocalyptic circumstances at hand

Details of the zombie invasion will be disclosed in tomorrow’s paper. Austin even got some pictures, because that’s what he does.

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